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Product description

Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Polished amp; Satin Heart Pendant, Jewelry, Pendants amp; Charms, Themed Charms, Hearts / Love, Puffed Hearts, Material: Primary - Purity:925|Feature:Solid|Manufacturing Process:Casted|Material: Primary:Sterling Silver|Product Type:Jewelry|Jewelry Type:Pendants amp; Charms|Material: Primary - Color:White

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Quick Centrosaurus Facts: - Lived in what is now known as Canada - Weighed as much as an Asian elephant - Had a nasal horn like a rhinoceros - Was about 2 car lengths long - May have traveled in large packs like buffalo do


Quick Dryosaurus Facts: - Was a car length long - Weighed approximately as much as an adult human male - Lived in what is now North America - Lived during Late Jurassic Period - Was an herbivore


Quick Gasosaurus Facts: - Was the subject of an online hoax - Weighed a little less than a lion - Lived in what is now China - Lived during mid-Jurassic period - Was a carnivore


Quick Bruhathkayosaurus Facts: - Lived in what is now known as India - As long as the Chicago Water Tower is high - Weighed as much as 20 elephants - Its name means "huge-bodied lizard" - Was an herbivore


Quick Camptosaurus Facts: - Lived in what is now known as Europe and North America - As long as 1/2 the length of a semi-trailer - Weighed as much as 2 Grizzly Bears - Its name means "flexible lizard" - Was an herbivore


Quick Giraffatitan Facts: - Weighs as much as 10 Asian elephants - About 4 times as long as a giraffe - Lived in what is now Africa - Lived during the Late-Jurassic period - Was an herbivore


Quick Procompsognathus Facts: - Lived in what is now known as Germany - Could run as fast as an ostrich - Weighed as much as a liter of water - Its name means "before elegant jaw" - Was an carnivore or insectivore


Quick Yangchuanosaurus Facts: - Lived in what is now known as China - Lived during the late Jurassic - Was approximately 3 car lengths long - Weighed as much as 2 adult giraffes - Was a carnivore


Quick Struthiomimus Facts: - Lived in what is now known as Canada and the United States - Lived during the Cretaceous period - Could run as fast as a gazelle - Weighed as much as a panda bear - Was an herbivore or an omnivore


Quick Saichania Facts: - Lived in what is now known as China - Lived during the late Cretaceous period - Was 2 car lengths long - Weighed as much as 2 giraffes - Was an herbivore


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Quick Mosasaurus Facts: - Lived during the Late Cretaceous Period - Lived in oceans all around the world - Was about as long as a modern North Pacific right whale - Weighed as much much as a modern Sperm whale - Ate fish, shellfish and squids


Quick Anhanguera Facts: - Lived during the Early Cretaceous Period - Lived in what is now known as South America and Australia - Was 12 times heavier than a Red-tailed Hawk - Had 3 times the wingspan of a Crowned Eagle - Was an Omnivore


Quick Pteranodon Facts: - Lived during the Late Cretaceous Period - Lived in what is now known as North America - Was 12 times heavier than a Red-tailed Hawk - Had 3 times the wingspan of a Crowned Eagle - Was a Piscivore and/or Carnivore


Quick Quetzalcoatlus Facts: - Lived during the Late Cretaceous Period - Lived in what is now known as North America - Was named after the mythic serpent god Quetzalcoatl - Its wingspan was 3 times larger than an Andean Condor - Weighed almost as much as a Panda Bear


Quick Dimorphodon Facts: - Lived from the Middle Jurassic Period through the Late Jurassic Period - Lived in what is now Europe and Central America - Was about the size of a modern-day American Crow - Weighed less than a liter of water - Was a Piscivore or Insectivore


Quick Pterodactylus Facts: - Lived during the Late Jurassic Period - Lived in what is now Europe and Africa - Was about the size of Common Buzzard - Was a Piscivore or Insectivore - Was the first Pterosaurus known to science


Quick Tapejara Facts: - Lived from the Early Cretaceous Period through the Middle Cretaceous Period - Lived in what is now South America - Had the wingspan of a modern-day Albatross - Weighed 4 times as much as an Albatross - Presumed Piscivore but may have been Carnivorous


Quick Hatzegopteryx Facts: - Lived during the Late Cretaceous Period - Lived in what is now Europe - Lived on Hatzeg Island - Was over 3 times taller than a human male - Had twice the wingspan of a modern Albatross - Was a Carnivore


Quick Rhamphorhynchus Facts: - Lived during the Late Jurassic Period - Lived in what is now Europe - Was about the size of a Rock Pigeon - Had a wingspan as big as a yard stick - Grew slowly like a modern alligator - Its favorite fish to eat was Aspidorhynchus - Was a Piscivore


Quick Ornithocheirus Facts: - Lived during the Middle Cretaceous Period - Lived in what is now Europe and South America - Probably weighed as much as 3 eagles - Had a wingspan 3 times greater than a Bald Eagle's wingspan - Was a Piscivore


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