$133 7/8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Grade 2 - Steel - Zinc - Pkg o Industrial Scientific Fasteners Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,2,Pkg,-,7/8",-,Tooth,-,o,Lock,streamy.in,Grade,Zinc,Internal,/blowdown554998.html,$133,-,Washer,Steel 7 8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Steel Pkg Zinc 2 Grade Washington Mall o $133 7/8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Grade 2 - Steel - Zinc - Pkg o Industrial Scientific Fasteners Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,2,Pkg,-,7/8",-,Tooth,-,o,Lock,streamy.in,Grade,Zinc,Internal,/blowdown554998.html,$133,-,Washer,Steel 7 8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Steel Pkg Zinc 2 Grade Washington Mall o

7 8

7/8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Grade 2 - Steel - Zinc - Pkg o


7/8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Grade 2 - Steel - Zinc - Pkg o

Product description

7/8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Grade 2 - Steel - Zinc - Pkg of 50

Internal Tooth Lock Washers lock into bolt head or nut to prevent backoff rotation, which works best with smaller head screws, such as fillister heads. Hardware is constructed of high quality steel for long lasting durability.

Product Specifications:

  • BRAND: Titan Fasteners
  • SIZE: 7/8"
  • INNER DIA.: .927/.894"
  • OUTER DIA.: 1.41/1.364"
  • THICKNESS: .06/.052"
  • GRADE: Grade 2
  • MATERIAL: Steel
  • FINISH: Zinc
  • UNIT OF MEASUREMENT: Inch (Imperial)
  • DESCRIPTION: Lock Washer - Internal Tooth
  • TYPE: Internal Tooth

7/8" Internal Tooth Lock Washer - Grade 2 - Steel - Zinc - Pkg o

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