Safavieh Lila Throw Sea Portland Mall Pillow Green $30 Safavieh Lila Throw Pillow, Sea Green Home Kitchen Bedding Pillow,,Throw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$30,Sea,Lila,/blowdown780398.html,Safavieh,,Green $30 Safavieh Lila Throw Pillow, Sea Green Home Kitchen Bedding Pillow,,Throw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$30,Sea,Lila,/blowdown780398.html,Safavieh,,Green Safavieh Lila Throw Sea Portland Mall Pillow Green

Safavieh Lila Throw Sea Portland Mall Ranking TOP11 Pillow Green

Safavieh Lila Throw Pillow, Sea Green


Safavieh Lila Throw Pillow, Sea Green

From the manufacturer

PILLOW CARE TIPS: All SAFAVIEH pillows conveniently come with inserts. Pillows tend to flatten during transit, but these tips should help you get that pillow into its fluffiest shape quickly!

  • Once unpacked, gently knead the pillow to help loosen the fibers
  • Throw the pillow in a dryer on a low tumble setting
  • The most important tip is to include a sock stuffed with a tennis ball to help "beat" the pillow into its fluffy form
  • Remove from the dryer, and proudly display your new piece of couch art!

Safavieh Lila Throw Pillow, Sea Green

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