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Terminal Wire Connector Deluxe Deluxe 200Pcs Simple to Install Easy

Terminal, Wire Connector Terminal, 200Pcs Easy to Install Simple


Terminal, Wire Connector Terminal, 200Pcs Easy to Install Simple

Product description


1. Made of high quality tinned copper material, and has long service life.
2. Suitable for marine and automobile application, simple structure, easy to install.
3. Soldered, insulated and sealed, ensuring an easy one step connection of wires.
4. Improved pullout strength, provides sealing, strain relief, cable check and insulation.
5. The heat shrink terminal is safe and stable, 200pcs terminals meet your using needs.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Type: Heat Shrink Terminal
Material: Tinned Copper
Color: Yellow
Quantity: 200pcs
Scope of Application: Electrical Engineering

Package List:

200 x Heat Shrink Terminal

Terminal, Wire Connector Terminal, 200Pcs Easy to Install Simple

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