$44 Amore Beaute Handcrafted White Linen Throw Pillow Cover | Custom Home Kitchen Bedding Amore Beaute Handcrafted Regular dealer White Linen Pillow Throw Cover Custom $44 Amore Beaute Handcrafted White Linen Throw Pillow Cover | Custom Home Kitchen Bedding Amore Beaute Handcrafted Regular dealer White Linen Pillow Throw Cover Custom Custom,Beaute,$44,Handcrafted,streamy.in,Throw,Amore,Home Kitchen , Bedding,|,/camion354738.html,Cover,White,Pillow,Linen Custom,Beaute,$44,Handcrafted,streamy.in,Throw,Amore,Home Kitchen , Bedding,|,/camion354738.html,Cover,White,Pillow,Linen

Amore Price reduction Beaute Handcrafted Regular dealer White Linen Pillow Throw Cover Custom

Amore Beaute Handcrafted White Linen Throw Pillow Cover | Custom


Amore Beaute Handcrafted White Linen Throw Pillow Cover | Custom

Product description

Size:20 x 20

Decorative pillow cover with customized gold sequin monogram. This sequin throw pillow cover is made from linen and has rich gold sequin and glass bead detail work. This handmade initial cushion cover has the same linen on both the sides and cotton lining on the inside. The throw pillowcover has a zip closure for a neat look. Pillow cover for your home or for a gift to a loved one. This listing is for one pillow cover only. The stuffing inside the pillow cover is not included. Care instructions: Gentle hand wash with mild detergent

Amore Beaute Handcrafted White Linen Throw Pillow Cover | Custom

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