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AK009 service Mini Phone 5 in 1 Style GSM Cigarette L Unlocked Pen Memphis Mall

AK009 Mini Phone 5 in 1 Unlocked GSM Pen Style Phone Cigarette L


AK009 Mini Phone 5 in 1 Unlocked GSM Pen Style Phone Cigarette L

Product description


Brand name :Hope AK009
flash memory:32+32
frequency:GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz (all over the world all use)
screen :138*25.2 mm
lcm screen : 0.96in OLED , 80*160 resolution
battery:real 1100mAh
SIM : dual SIM dual standby
memory slot: maximum support 32GB expansion
the bell:64chord,MID format, support mp3 format
information:SMS,MMS,Short message
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 3.0 , support bluetooth Dialer
input method:standard keyboard input.
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Indonesian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Greek.

Package Includes: 1XMobile phone
1X USB Charger
1X Lanyard

AK009 Mini Phone 5 in 1 Unlocked GSM Pen Style Phone Cigarette L

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