$140 mingxuanbh 1500LM 800480 Family Theater LED Projector with Remot Electronics Video Projectors $140 mingxuanbh 1500LM 800480 Family Theater LED Projector with Remot Electronics Video Projectors mingxuanbh Branded goods 1500LM 800480 Family Theater Remot Projector LED with Remot,Projector,Family,mingxuanbh,Electronics , Video Projectors,$140,800480,/corkwood429877.html,with,Theater,1500LM,streamy.in,LED Remot,Projector,Family,mingxuanbh,Electronics , Video Projectors,$140,800480,/corkwood429877.html,with,Theater,1500LM,streamy.in,LED mingxuanbh Branded goods 1500LM 800480 Family Theater Remot Projector LED with

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mingxuanbh 1500LM 800480 Family Theater LED Projector with Remot


mingxuanbh 1500LM 800480 Family Theater LED Projector with Remot

Product description


Power Supply: AC110V~ 240V 50Hz\60Hz
Entire stereophony speakers
Support Photo Format: JPEG,BMP,PNG
1500LM 800*480 Menage Theater LED Projector with Upstage Control , Support USB + VGA + SD + HDMI + AV + TV (Black)
Resolution: Aboriginal : 800x480 support 720p 1080p
Support Audio Format : MP3,WMA,AAC

mingxuanbh 1500LM 800480 Family Theater LED Projector with Remot

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