Clock,Creative,-,Wall,-,/corkwood554677.html,$95,Scandinavian,FENGJJ,Simple,,Round,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Metal,- Long Beach Mall FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Round Scandinavian Metal Creative Long Beach Mall FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Round Scandinavian Metal Creative Clock,Creative,-,Wall,-,/corkwood554677.html,$95,Scandinavian,FENGJJ,Simple,,Round,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Metal,- $95 FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Scandinavian - Creative Round - Metal Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $95 FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Scandinavian - Creative Round - Metal Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Long Beach Mall FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Round Scandinavian Finally resale start Metal Creative

FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Scandinavian - Creative Round - Metal


FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Scandinavian - Creative Round - Metal

Product description

Product Category: Wall clock
Whether double-sided: Single-sided
Style: European style
Appearance: Round
Applicable places: study, public places, office, bedroom, living room
Display type: pointer
Special features: decorative
Power type: battery
Movement type: quartz
Size: 14 inches
Thickness: 5 mm
Case material: metal
Mirror material: ordinary glass mirror

FENGJJ Wall Clock - Simple Scandinavian - Creative Round - Metal

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