Bar,Double,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Led,,/corkwood780477.html,Bucket,Ice,Ice,Colorful,Buck,Beer,5L,$38,Layer,Square 5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful gift Double Buck Square Layer Beer Bar $38 5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful Double Layer Square Bar Beer Ice Buck Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Bar,Double,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Led,,/corkwood780477.html,Bucket,Ice,Ice,Colorful,Buck,Beer,5L,$38,Layer,Square $38 5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful Double Layer Square Bar Beer Ice Buck Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful gift Double Buck Square Layer Beer Bar

5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful gift Double San Jose Mall Buck Square Layer Beer Bar

5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful Double Layer Square Bar Beer Ice Buck


5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful Double Layer Square Bar Beer Ice Buck

Product description

Material: polythene plastic
Powered By: 2 x AA Battery (Not Included)
Color: As the picture show
LED: 1 x 1W Bead
1 x LED Ice Bucket

5L Led Ice Bucket Colorful Double Layer Square Bar Beer Ice Buck

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