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PrepSealer - Food Saving Juice with Vacuum Container Jug store 5% OFF Manual

PrepSealer - Food Saving Juice Jug, Vacuum Container with Manual


PrepSealer - Food Saving Juice Jug, Vacuum Container with Manual

Product Description

pjuice jag vacuum container microwave safe dishwasher safe freezer safe durable plastic

Keeping your beverages fresh and flavorful even when stored longer won’t be a problem if you store them in a PrepSealer. We designed this compact and innovative jug as the ideal solution for your storage needs!

How to Use

  1. Fill the jug with liquid leaving a 1.55mm space allowance from its edge.
  2. Close the container by putting on its lid and bottle stopper.
  3. Get the air inside the container by activating the pump until it gets harder to pull.
  4. To open, simply press the silicone valve sideways before opening the lid.

Love food, hate waste! Grab a Prep Sealer Juice Jug now!

juice jag vacuum container microwave safe dishwasher safe freezer safe durable plastic juice jag vacuum container microwave safe dishwasher safe freezer safe durable plastic juice jag vacuum container microwave safe dishwasher safe freezer safe durable plastic
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PrepSealer - Food Saving Juice Jug, Vacuum Container with Manual

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