DAOLANFN Cartoon High quality One-PieceSeat Cushion Students B Thickened Cute $21 DAOLANFN Cartoon One-PieceSeat Cushion,Thickened Cute Students B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining DAOLANFN Cartoon High quality One-PieceSeat Cushion Students B Thickened Cute $21 DAOLANFN Cartoon One-PieceSeat Cushion,Thickened Cute Students B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining One-PieceSeat,streamy.in,$21,Students,B,Cute,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/costlessness780306.html,Cushion,Thickened,DAOLANFN,Cartoon One-PieceSeat,streamy.in,$21,Students,B,Cute,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/costlessness780306.html,Cushion,Thickened,DAOLANFN,Cartoon

DAOLANFN Cartoon High quality One-PieceSeat Cushion Daily bargain sale Students B Thickened Cute

DAOLANFN Cartoon One-PieceSeat Cushion,Thickened Cute Students B


DAOLANFN Cartoon One-PieceSeat Cushion,Thickened Cute Students B

Product description


Hello friend! I am glad to recommend this cute cartoon all-in-one cushion for you! This cushion will be a great choice for you to relax and relax after work!
☺Product name: cartoon plush chair cushion.
☺Product material: Fabric: crystal super soft polyester fiber. Filling: high quality PP cotton.
☺Product size: length*width*height=35CM*35CM*55CM (13.7 inches * 13.7 inches * 21.6 inches), suitable for most standard chairs and sofas.
☺Product weight: about 0.75kg.
☺Product specifications: dinosaur half-enclosed cushion, husky half-enclosed cushion, carrot half-enclosed cushion, cactus half-enclosed cushion, strawberry half-enclosed cushion, gray kakha mouse cushion, brown kakha mouse cushion, pink lamb cushion, gray kitten cushion .
☺The package contains: cartoon chair cushion*1.
☺Reminder: The product may be squeezed during transportation. After receiving it, you can tap it a few times and then put it in the sun to restore it to its original state.

DAOLANFN Cartoon One-PieceSeat Cushion,Thickened Cute Students B

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