Quntis 2000 Minneapolis Mall LEDs Christmas String - Lights 165F Outdoor Indoor Quntis 2000 Minneapolis Mall LEDs Christmas String - Lights 165F Outdoor Indoor $35 Quntis 2000 LEDs Christmas String Lights - Outdoor Indoor 165F Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor $35,streamy.in,165F,2000,Indoor,/deammonation430192.html,String,Christmas,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Lights,Outdoor,LEDs,-,Quntis $35 Quntis 2000 LEDs Christmas String Lights - Outdoor Indoor 165F Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor $35,streamy.in,165F,2000,Indoor,/deammonation430192.html,String,Christmas,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Lights,Outdoor,LEDs,-,Quntis

Quntis 2000 Minneapolis Mall LEDs Christmas String - Lights 165F We OFFer at cheap prices Outdoor Indoor

Quntis 2000 LEDs Christmas String Lights - Outdoor Indoor 165F


Quntis 2000 LEDs Christmas String Lights - Outdoor Indoor 165F

Product Description


Beautiful 165ft 2000 LEDs Decorative Lights

Lifetime quality amp; support

Strict quality controls, CE / FCC / UL588 Certified. That your led string lights are safe for home or christmas decoration.

Quntis Outdoor led string lights are popular in more than 30 countries and we offer lifelong support.

outdoor string decorative lights

Package include:

  • 1set 165FT 2000 LEDs String Lights + 1 Plug + 1 User Manual

Kindly Note for the LED String Lights:

  • Waterproof rate of the LED fairy lights is IP44, but the plug is non-waterproof, for safety, please keep the plug away from water when you use the waterproof string lights in outdoors.

Quntis 2000 LEDs Christmas String Lights - Outdoor Indoor 165F


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