/dermatographia354804.html,50,Combination,streamy.in,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Slotted,Tapping,Brass,Self,Inserts,Pieces,$42,Thread 50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping New popularity Combination Slotted Thread Inserts 50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping New popularity Combination Slotted Thread Inserts /dermatographia354804.html,50,Combination,streamy.in,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Slotted,Tapping,Brass,Self,Inserts,Pieces,$42,Thread $42 50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping Thread Slotted Inserts Combination Industrial Scientific Fasteners $42 50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping Thread Slotted Inserts Combination Industrial Scientific Fasteners

50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping Popular shop is the lowest price challenge New popularity Combination Slotted Thread Inserts

50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping Thread Slotted Inserts Combination


50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping Thread Slotted Inserts Combination

Product description


1. Convenient: Due to the self-tapping ability, the base material does not have to be treated in advance.

2. Strong tensile strength: It has a large contact area with the finished product, strong tensile strength.

3. Strong resistance: It has strong resistance to vibration, which can prevent loosening.

4. Good tightness: There is no clearance with the base material and the base material also has good tightness if it contains bubbles.

5. Easy installation: This product is quick and easy to install, only one mounting tool is needed.


Self-tapping inserts do not have to be connected in advance. They can be screwed directly into the special holes reserved by the base material with an installation tool, which is inexpensive and beautiful. They can also increase thread strength for new products, which are used throughout the metal and plastics processing industry.


Material: SUS303, SUS316, carbon steel

Quantity: 50pcs

Weight: approx. 192g

Package Included:

10 pcs * M3*0.5 Thread Insert

50 Pieces Brass Self Tapping Thread Slotted Inserts Combination



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