Today's only BERING Time Men's Watch 16243-227 Coll Case Automatic 43MM Today's only BERING Time Men's Watch 16243-227 Coll Case Automatic 43MM $150 BERING Time | Men's Watch 16243-227 | 43MM Case | Automatic Coll Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men BERING,Automatic,Coll,|,43MM,16243-227,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,|,Watch,Men's,|,Case,$150,/dermatographia780404.html,,Time BERING,Automatic,Coll,|,43MM,16243-227,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,|,Watch,Men's,|,Case,$150,/dermatographia780404.html,,Time $150 BERING Time | Men's Watch 16243-227 | 43MM Case | Automatic Coll Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

Today's only BERING Time High quality new Men's Watch 16243-227 Coll Case Automatic 43MM

BERING Time | Men's Watch 16243-227 | 43MM Case | Automatic Coll


BERING Time | Men's Watch 16243-227 | 43MM Case | Automatic Coll

Product Description

Bering sapphire crystal watch slim unisex Behring automatic automatic design watches men women
Bering sapphire crystal watch slim unisex Behring automatic automatic design watches men women

Automatic Collection

Together with Miyota, BERING has developed the VITUS 1728 precision movement exclusively for the Automatic Collection, which is reliably and constantly tensioned by the arm movements of the wearer.

A special eye-catcher is the glass bottom of the clocks, which reveals interesting subtleties and details of the clockwork. With its clean lines and elegant look, the watch is a stylish companion for every occasion.

Inspired by arctic beauty

BERING Philosophy

Timelessly beautiful and long-lasting like the icy landscapes of the Arctic, BERING uniquely blends minimalist Danish design with strong, high-quality materials. Inspired by the beauty of the Arctic, the style of the BERING watch and jewelry collection is characterised by clear, streamlined forms and pure elegance.

BERING products are made from first-class materials, which have durability and are in perfect harmony with the timeless design.

Bering sapphire crystal watch slim unisex Behring automatic automatic design watches men women
Bering sapphire crystal watch slim unisex Behring automatic automatic design watches men women
Bering sapphire crystal watch slim unisex Behring automatic automatic design watches men women

BERING Sapphire crystal: Scratch-resistant

Bering sapphire crystal watch slim unisex Behring automatic automatic design watches men women

Sapphire crystal - the hardest glass

Our sapphire crystal is the third hardest transparent material after moissanite and diamonds. A particularly crystal-clear, hard and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures an unrestricted view of your BERING dial. All BERING watches are equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Bering sapphire crystal watch slim unisex Behring automatic automatic design watches men women

Mineral glass - the standard glass

Mineral glass is also a crystal glass, but with a structure similar to that of a rock crystal. It is a common material in the watch sector, but it is less resistant and more susceptible to scratching. BERING only uses sapphire glass in its timepieces and no mineral glass.

How do I start the watch?

You can start your BERING automatic watch by manual winding. To do this, turn the crown in position 1 clockwise about 15-20 times until the natural movement of the hands starts again.

How do I set the time?

Pull the crown to position 3 and turn it clockwise until the current time is displayed. Pay attention to whether it is morning or afternoon to set the current time correctly. Push the crown back in.

How do I set the date?

Pull the crown to position 2 and turn it clockwise until the current date is displayed. Push the crown back in. Please do not set the clock between 8.30 p.m. amp; 2 a.m. otherwise the date will not change the next day.

BERING Time | Men's Watch 16243-227 | 43MM Case | Automatic Coll



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