$198 Xiqun-us Tablet PC 4GB, 7 inch Android 4.4, Dual SIM, WCDMA, GPS Electronics Computers Accessories Xiqun-us Tablet PC Quality inspection 4GB 7 inch SIM Android GPS WCDMA 4.4 Dual Xiqun-us Tablet PC Quality inspection 4GB 7 inch SIM Android GPS WCDMA 4.4 Dual $198 Xiqun-us Tablet PC 4GB, 7 inch Android 4.4, Dual SIM, WCDMA, GPS Electronics Computers Accessories 4GB,,7,GPS,streamy.in,Electronics , Computers Accessories,$198,Xiqun-us,/elegantly780390.html,PC,Dual,SIM,,WCDMA,,Tablet,4.4,,Android,inch 4GB,,7,GPS,streamy.in,Electronics , Computers Accessories,$198,Xiqun-us,/elegantly780390.html,PC,Dual,SIM,,WCDMA,,Tablet,4.4,,Android,inch

Xiqun-us Tablet PC Quality inspection 4GB Outlet ☆ Free Shipping 7 inch SIM Android GPS WCDMA 4.4 Dual

Xiqun-us Tablet PC 4GB, 7 inch Android 4.4, Dual SIM, WCDMA, GPS


Xiqun-us Tablet PC 4GB, 7 inch Android 4.4, Dual SIM, WCDMA, GPS

Product description

About the product1. RAM:512M, ROM:4G(Suppor TF card up to 32G)
2. Dual cameras front 1.3 Mega pixel / back 3 Mega pixel
3. MT6572 dual SIM dual standby
4. OS Android 4.4
5. Support WiFi/BT/FM
6. 7.0 inch LCD screen
7. 3G Phone Call
8. 3500mA battery

Xiqun-us Tablet PC 4GB, 7 inch Android 4.4, Dual SIM, WCDMA, GPS

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} #productDescription.prodDescWidth td important; font-size:21px #productDescription 0px; } #productDescription
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