RCA 11.6" Super sale period limited Tablet with Folio Butter Keyboard Rum $70 RCA 11.6" Tablet with Keyboard Folio (Butter Rum) Electronics Computers Accessories Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tablet,$70,Rum),streamy.in,Keyboard,11.6",(Butter,with,Folio,/elegantly780490.html,RCA Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tablet,$70,Rum),streamy.in,Keyboard,11.6",(Butter,with,Folio,/elegantly780490.html,RCA RCA 11.6" Super sale period limited Tablet with Folio Butter Keyboard Rum $70 RCA 11.6" Tablet with Keyboard Folio (Butter Rum) Electronics Computers Accessories

RCA 11.6

RCA 11.6" Tablet with Keyboard Folio (Butter Rum)


RCA 11.6" Tablet with Keyboard Folio (Butter Rum)

Product description

Home office to bedroom and lecture hall to coffee shop, the RCT6716Q24F2B tablet is your computing companion that goes anywhere with you. Including a keyboard folio, it comes set up for you to focus on any and every project. Of course, it's also equipped to handle downtime with a plethora of apps available on the Android 10 operating system. Measures 11.6"W x 7.3"W x 0.45"D, weighs 1.41 lbs

RCA 11.6" Tablet with Keyboard Folio (Butter Rum)

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