Ironing,CSQ-,Color,$136,/geodetical429742.html,tool),Multi-Functional,,Solid,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,(cleaning,Board, $136 CSQ- (cleaning tool) Multi-Functional Ironing Board, Solid Color Home Kitchen Irons Steamers CSQ- cleaning tool OFFicial site Multi-Functional Ironing Solid Board Color Ironing,CSQ-,Color,$136,/geodetical429742.html,tool),Multi-Functional,,Solid,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,(cleaning,Board, CSQ- cleaning tool OFFicial site Multi-Functional Ironing Solid Board Color $136 CSQ- (cleaning tool) Multi-Functional Ironing Board, Solid Color Home Kitchen Irons Steamers

CSQ- cleaning tool OFFicial site Multi-Functional Ironing Solid Board Color Ranking TOP14

CSQ- (cleaning tool) Multi-Functional Ironing Board, Solid Color


CSQ- (cleaning tool) Multi-Functional Ironing Board, Solid Color

Product description


1. Use size L101.5*W31.5*H52-78CM     Storage size L31.5*W5.5*H128CM

2. Name: Multifunctional ironing board

3. Features: This ironing board uses a thickened through-hole panel, adjustment handle, iron frame, high temperature removable washable cloth cover, non-slip foot cover.

4. Performance: convenient storage and storage, double locking device, flexible use, bearing capacity of about 30KG. Adjustable to the ideal working height (52-78 cm)

5. Scope: shirt / suit / skirt / tie and other.


★ Tip: This product does not contain other accessories;

★ Tip: Since we use international logistics, successful receipt usually takes 15 - 25 days, more than 30 days. Please contact us in time;

★ Tip: Due to different measurement tools, there may be 1-2CM error;

★ Tip: Shooting angle and light, there may be a slight color difference, this is normal, please understand;

★ Tip: If you provide us with photos after product logistics and shipping damage, we can replace or refund for free;

★ There are different styles of ironing boards in our store, I hope you can find your favorite products here. If you have any questions about this product, you can email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Your favorite is my biggest motivation.

CSQ- (cleaning tool) Multi-Functional Ironing Board, Solid Color

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