$74 LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Studio Camera R Cell Phones Accessories Accessories LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Camera Studio Dedication R LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Camera Studio Dedication R Camera,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,streamy.in,Studio,R,dimmable LED Ring,LED Selfie,/geodetical780542.html,$74,Ring,Light,dimmable Camera,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,streamy.in,Studio,R,dimmable LED Ring,LED Selfie,/geodetical780542.html,$74,Ring,Light,dimmable $74 LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Studio Camera R Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Camera Limited time trial price Studio Dedication R

LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Studio Camera R


LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Studio Camera R

Product description

Color temperature: 3300-5500K
 Power source: USB
 Light source: LED
 Available length: 200cm

LED Selfie Ring Light dimmable LED Ring dimmable Studio Camera R

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