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EZON-CH Import Luxury 4 Pieces Duvet Cover High quality Set Han Home Decor Hotel for

EZON-CH Luxury 4 Pieces Duvet Cover Set Decor for Home Hotel,Han


EZON-CH Luxury 4 Pieces Duvet Cover Set Decor for Home Hotel,Han

Product description


The package includes: 1 x Duvet Cover +1 x Flat Sheet +2 x Pillow Cases.
The fabric is soft and delicate, which gives your skin a gentle touch and allows you to sleep in comfort and warmth. It is also suitable for families .
The durable cover set has a hidden zipper design, which is durable and easy to replace and clean every season. The easy-care function can save your precious time to the greatest extent.
This 4-piece set of bedding has a fashionable design, which can make your bed more advanced, enhance the decoration of your bedroom or guest room, add a low-key and elegant atmosphere, and have an attractive design style. You can use it in your bedroom, guest room, holiday home or anywhere else.
The bed sheet set with texture and unique design can be used as Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, New Year gifts, Anniversaries difts, Homehouse gifts, etc. to family and friends.
Washing instructions: machine washable in cold water, use mild detergent, it is worth recommending not to dry or bleach.
A variety of sizes for you to choose:
Twin - Duvet Cover 68x86Inch, Flat Sheet 66x116Inch, Pillow Shams 20x30Inch.
Full - Duvet Cover 86x86Inch, Flat Sheet 81x115Inch, Pillow Shams 20x30Inch.
Queen - Duvet Cover 90x92Inch, Flat Sheet 90x115Inch, Pillow Shams 20x30Inch.
King - Duvet Cover 92x106Inch, Flat Sheet 94x115Inch, Pillow Shams 20x30Inch.

Tips: Due to different measurement methods and manual measurement methods, please allow a deviation of 1-2 cm.

EZON-CH Luxury 4 Pieces Duvet Cover Set Decor for Home Hotel,Han

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