Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel Self M6 Tapping Ranking TOP12 Thread $25 Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel M6 Self Tapping Thread Industrial Scientific Fasteners $25 Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel M6 Self Tapping Thread Industrial Scientific Fasteners Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel Self M6 Tapping Ranking TOP12 Thread insertion,Tapping,$25,M6,Stainless,Thread,20pcs,Threaded,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,/klaxon354779.html,,Steel,Self insertion,Tapping,$25,M6,Stainless,Thread,20pcs,Threaded,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,/klaxon354779.html,,Steel,Self

Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel Self M6 Tapping Ranking TOP12 National products Thread

Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel M6 Self Tapping Thread


Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel M6 Self Tapping Thread

Product description

20pcs stainless steel M6 self-tapping thread insert screw bushing M6*1.0*14mm 302 slotted steel wire thread repair insert

M6 (ID) * M10 (OD) * 14mm (length): 20


Material: Stainless steel
Size: M6 * M10 * 14mm

Quantity: 20

Package Included:

20 self-tapping thread inserts
Please allow 2-3% error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind oefore ordering
The product photos are taken in kind, because the shooting is different from the light and the display, there may be color difference, the goods are subject to the actual kind


Threaded insertion 20pcs Stainless Steel M6 Self Tapping Thread

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