,Grinders,Multifunction,Design,LTJX,/klaxon554579.html,Pepper,Press,Salt,Ma,and,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$53,Type $53 LTJX Press Type Design Salt and Pepper Grinders,Multifunction Ma Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $53 LTJX Press Type Design Salt and Pepper Grinders,Multifunction Ma Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining,Grinders,Multifunction,Design,LTJX,/klaxon554579.html,Pepper,Press,Salt,Ma,and,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$53,Type LTJX Press online shop Type Design Salt Ma and Pepper Grinders Multifunction LTJX Press online shop Type Design Salt Ma and Pepper Grinders Multifunction

LTJX Press online shop Type Design Salt Ma and Fashionable Pepper Grinders Multifunction

LTJX Press Type Design Salt and Pepper Grinders,Multifunction Ma


LTJX Press Type Design Salt and Pepper Grinders,Multifunction Ma

Product description

Press type design, breaking the tradition, making force more comfortable, grinding and saving time and effort.
The salt and pepper features adjustable thickness and five gears to meet demand.
Made of Safe and environmentally friendly plastic material and equipped with the High hardness ceramic core to improve grinding accuracy.
Easily disassembled so that they can be filled or clean in minutes.
It Maintains Fresh Spices Longer.

Material: plastic resin,ceramic grinding core
Size: 20x5 CM
Use:sea salt, pepper, pepper (etc.)
Package Included:1 x pepper Grinders

We Are Committed To Customer Satisfaction, If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us In Time, We Will Serve You Wholeheartedly!

LTJX Press Type Design Salt and Pepper Grinders,Multifunction Ma

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Patio .a-list-item .a-section detail Celebrate h3 } .aplus-v2