Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drill - Angl Point Drills OFFicial site $45,Twist,-,Deming,Cobalt,Precision,Point,Silver,Drill,Angl,,Drills,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/klaxon554679.html $45 Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drills - Drill Point Angl Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $45 Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drills - Drill Point Angl Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $45,Twist,-,Deming,Cobalt,Precision,Point,Silver,Drill,Angl,,Drills,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/klaxon554679.html Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drill - Angl Point Drills OFFicial site

Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drill - Angl Point Drills OFFicial Ranking TOP2 site

Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drills - Drill Point Angl


Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drills - Drill Point Angl

Product description

Cobalt offers better wear resistance, higher hot hardness amp; toughness when compared to high speed steel.
Cobalt also provides less chipping under severe cutting conditions allows tool to be run 10% faster than high speed steel.
Primarily designed as tools for heavy duty drilling of larger holes requiring reduced diameter straight shank drills.
Suitable for most drilling operations in a wide array of materials having low and medium tensile strength ratings.
Intended for those applications where only a 1/2" chuck is available to drive the drills.
May be used with a wide range of portable or stationary machine tools and with hand held manual drills.
For optimal performance and the best tool life suitable lubricating/cutting oils or the appropriate coolant fluids are recommended.

Precision Twist Cobalt Silver Deming Drills - Drill Point Angl

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