$30 BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O Ring OD 240/245/250/255/260/26 Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin OD,Rubber,FKM,$30,240/245/250/255/260/26,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,BAIJIAXIUSHANG,streamy.in,/lintel354897.html,CS6mm,O,Ring $30 BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O Ring OD 240/245/250/255/260/26 Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin OD,Rubber,FKM,$30,240/245/250/255/260/26,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,BAIJIAXIUSHANG,streamy.in,/lintel354897.html,CS6mm,O,Ring BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O Ring OD 245 250 26 240 260 Boston Mall 255 BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O Ring OD 245 250 26 240 260 Boston Mall 255

BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O safety Ring OD 245 250 26 240 260 Boston Mall 255

BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O Ring OD 240/245/250/255/260/26


BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O Ring OD 240/245/250/255/260/26

Product description


O-ring Sealing Principles

O-rings are bi-directional seals, circular in shape and cross section. O-rings are generally
made of an elastomeric material, but may be made of other materials such as PTFE or
metal. An O-ring seals through the deformation of the seal material by installation and media pressure to close off the gap between mating components. Higher system pressures can cause deformation through the gap, known as extrusion, resulting in seal failure. Choosing a harder seal material or installing back-up rings to support the O-ring may alleviate this problem.

FKM (Fluorocarbon Rubber):

Depending on structure andf luorine content FKM materialsc an differ withregards to their chemical resistance and cold-flexibility.
FKM is known especially for its non-flammability,low gas permeability and excellent resistance to ozone, weathering and aging. The operating temperatures of the Fluorocarbon Rubber range between -20° Cand +200° C(for ashort period of time up to +230° C). Suitable formulated FKM can be used down to -35° C. FKM is also often used with mineral based oils and greases at high temperatures.


The O-Ring is used predominantly for static sealing applications:
- As aradial static seal, e.g. for bushings, covers, pipes, cylinders
- As an axial static seal, e.g. for flanges, plates, caps.
O-Rings in dynamic applications are recommended only for moderate service conditions.They are limited by the speed and the pressure against which they are to seal:
- Forlow duty sealing of reciprocatingpistons, rods, plungers, etc.
- For sealing of slowlypivoting,r otating or spiral movements on shafts, spindles,rotary transmission leadthroughs, etc.

BAIJIAXIUSHANG CS6mm FKM Rubber O Ring OD 240/245/250/255/260/26


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