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xxxiticat Women's Gothic Black Denim Long-awaited Pants Lowest price challenge Hollow Push Tight Up

xxxiticat Women's Gothic Black Denim Pants Push Up Tight Hollow


xxxiticat Women's Gothic Black Denim Pants Push Up Tight Hollow

Product description

Each product have different size charts,please look at the last picture for each product carefully before you buy it.
Due to measurement deviation, we suggest you go 1 size upper!

All authentic XXXITICAT products sold through are sold only by the seller XXXITICAT. We have registered the brand of XXXITICAT.
XXXITICAT is specialized in all kinds of American men's and women's fashion with competitive price,high quality, fashion style and large quantity in stock.

1. Size chart is only for reference, there maybe a little difference with the item you get.
2. Color differences allowed for light effects and monitor settings.Also,please allow 1-2 cm deviation due to manual measurement.
Your kindly understanding and support are highly appreciated.

About Shipping
1. Usually ship in 1-3 business days
2. 8-15 Business Days by USPS,1-2 Business Days by FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon)

We have strict quality inspection before shipping.pls feel free to contact us with the order's details if anything come out .
XXXITICAT will get in touch with you asap and do whatever we can to offer you a pleasant shopping experience.
Thank you.

xxxiticat Women's Gothic Black Denim Pants Push Up Tight Hollow

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