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5pcs Free shipping New Retail MMA7361 Replace Modu Sensor MMA7260 Mail order Accelerometer

5pcs Retail MMA7361 (Replace MMA7260) Accelerometer Sensor Modu


5pcs Retail MMA7361 (Replace MMA7260) Accelerometer Sensor Modu

Product description

New 10pcs MMA7361 (MMA7260) Accelerometer Sensor Module for Arduino


100% Brand New.

Size: 20(mm) x 15(mm)

On-board MMA7361(replace MMA7260),low cost, micro capacitive acceleration sensor

Support 5V/3.3V voltage input, on-board RT9161, has much lower pressure drop and much faster load corresponding speed than 1117,very suitable for high noise power environment

Range is chosen by MCU IO, or resistance

Common pins have been drawn forth, inserted pins are standard 100mil(2.54mm),convenient for dot matrix board

Dormancy enable can be controlled by MCU IO

PCB board is gold-plated both sides

Schematic diagram, est program and related materials are provided after purchase.

Package Content

5x MMA7361 Accelerometer Sensor for Arduino

5pcs Retail MMA7361 (Replace MMA7260) Accelerometer Sensor Modu

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