The pandemic has reshaped our world in more than one way. 

While it has upstaged the normal we got so accustomed to, it has also created a new world of possibilities. is the product of this disruption. 

We’re on a mission to expand the contours of the live event industry with immersive and experiential virtual live event concepts that allow brands to engage, network and communicate their ideas with their peers, seamlessly across geographies. No longer will the location, mode of conveyance, approvals on different licences pose as a speed bump. The world is heading towards a new normal, and Streamy is in the thick of it – scripting a new normal for the world of live events.

Physically Distanced | Socially Connected

Yes, we’re no longer meeting people. And even if we are, we’re careful not to be too engaging. From the live event industry’s perspective, this is no good news. How can an industry survive whose oxygen is making people come together under one roof? While it is true that virtual events are being conducted across the world, they lack the panache and X-Factor of a live event. With Streamy, you can experience real-life-like virtual events that weave together the fabrics of the real and virtual world with the thread of experiential design elements.

The Show Must Go Online

The inventive minds who were continuously monitoring the changing trends knew that the live event industry has almost reached its saturation. It was in dire need of disruption. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown worked as a catalyst – triggering the industry to think beyond the physical plane. 

Virtual is the New Experiential

From elaborate stage designs to virtual entertainment, from right down to the last detail of event flow to immersive participation of people in attendance; virtual is emerging as the new experiential. Virtual is not a compromise but the future – which is already here. 

The Future is Hybrid

We, as a world, are already moving towards recovery. Soon the industry will open for live events but the impact of the virtual live event will continue to thrive – owing to its cost-effectiveness and endless possibilities. The coming months will see a surge in the number of hybrid events with brands slowly warming up to the efficacy of the concept. 

So when that time comes, Streamy will be ready. 

The live event industry will be ready.

Experiential is redefined and so is our outlook.

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