5 Amazing Tips On How To Make The Screen Your Stage

The screen is the new stage

In a virtual world, everything is possible. We’re living in a time and age when human innovation when challenged adapts a new avatar and solves more problems than initially intended. The virtual world came into existence because we wanted to explore uncharted territories without stepping out of our comfort zone. But today, this ‘world’ has […]

3 Tips On How To Stay Connected & Productive With Virtual Events

How to host a perfect virtual event

Our world has gone from ‘out-there’ to ‘stay at home’ in a matter of months. Even as India unlocks, the new normal has changed everything, for everyone. The live event industry has experienced a renaissance of sorts as it clawed its way back from a complete shutdown. The long-touted future of the event industry – […]


The pandemic has reshaped our world in more than one way.  While it has upstaged the normal we got so accustomed to, it has also created a new world of possibilities. Streamy.in is the product of this disruption.  We’re on a mission to expand the contours of the live event industry with immersive and experiential […]