3 Tips On How To Stay Connected & Productive With Virtual Events

How to host a perfect virtual event

Our world has gone from ‘out-there’ to ‘stay at home’ in a matter of months. Even as India unlocks, the new normal has changed everything, for everyone. The live event industry has experienced a renaissance of sorts as it clawed its way back from a complete shutdown. The long-touted future of the event industry – virtual events – is now here with its full glory. Streamy is here to keep you updated with everything that happens in the brave new world of live events. So, without further ado, let’s explore 3 Tips on how to stay connected and productive with virtual events

Right Format

Not every format will fit all the briefs. A careful analysis during the brainstorming session is the key to hosting a successful and productive virtual event. By visiting all the loose ends, you fool-proof the right format of the event. 

Right Goal

Once you’ve chosen the right format, it all boils down to matching it with your virtual event goal. Is it a one-on-one peer meeting? Or is it a product launch? Or is it an R&R? By defining the goal, the efforts can be channelized seamlessly for a glitch-free virtual experience. 

Right Connection

The connection we’re referring to here is not dependent on your WIFI network. It is the connection we form with our peers which continues to thrive, whatever the situation. To help nurture this symbiotic connection even in these times demand out of the box thinking. When Max Bupa decided to host their first-ever fully virtual CEO Conclave and APC Meet on 18th July, the challenge to offer a personal touch was of paramount importance since the incentive event was all about celebrating the success of super achievers. The event was an out and out success with two main highlights:

  • 240 top agents were virtually awarded
  • 36 top advisers were home delivered personalized gift hampers from JW Marriott

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