5 Amazing Tips On How To Make The Screen Your Stage

The screen is the new stage

In a virtual world, everything is possible. We’re living in a time and age when human innovation when challenged adapts a new avatar and solves more problems than initially intended. The virtual world came into existence because we wanted to explore uncharted territories without stepping out of our comfort zone. But today, this ‘world’ has become more real and is pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what is not. While many brands have seamlessly crossed over into the virtual world, the stream is still Greek to many. Here’s us spilling the beans and sharing with you 5 amazing tips on how to make the screen your stage:

The Body Speaks | The Tone Translates

In a virtual world, the room for error is catastrophic if one doesn’t know how to master one’s tone and body language. If one is not confident enough, it will be reflected loud and clear on HD screens. For instance, most people tend to appear robotic while presenting virtually. One of the prime reasons for this is the lack of awareness of the medium. If the presenter is monotonic in his speech and demeanour, then the entire event comes across as boring – lacking gravitas. Hence, to nip this problem in the bud, one must first get oneself acquainted with the medium, enunciate every word clearly and use hand gestures to be more expressive. 

Yours Virtually – Personal

While the experience of a physical event is different from that of virtual, the intention is the same – to get your message across the right audience. In pre-recorded virtual events, most tasks happen behind the stage. With just a handful of the crew in front – some adjusting the lights, some looking intensely into the monitor and the other giving you cues – might not be what you expected from a virtual event. But all this is just one part of the big picture. Most people appear stiff on the screen because there aren’t any audience to applaud or react to them. The solution to this is simple – imagine your audience. When you do that, your ‘performance’ comes across as genuine and not forced. 

Let The Tools Support You

One of the reasons why virtual events have gained so much momentum in the past few months is-  they empower people to connect on a one-to-one basis. The semantics of the virtual events is pretty much the same as going live on Instagram –  grasp the attention and connect personally. Like filters help you enhance the impact of your content on social media, supporting tools like on-screen slides, co-presenters, pre-recorded content etc., in virtual events enable you to keep the audience interested in your event. Hence, you must use them often.

Scorch The Stage With Your Presence

The rules of stage presence transcend medium. It not just about what the event is all about. The stress is more on how the event is coming into fruition. Bad lighting, energizing coloured dresses, background noise, shoddy positioning of the laptop screen are some of the prime reasons that impact the outcome of an event negatively. Hence, it is of paramount importance to avoid them at all costs. 

EEE – Engage & Enhance The Experience

It is critical to have polls, Q&A etc., in the flow of the event to create a more engaging and interactive experience. This is a very effective way of showing your audience that their time and presence is valuable. 

The world of virtual events is continuously expanding and scaling new heights. 

It’s time you get ready for the future that’s already here. 

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